(Ages 4-10)

This group of students, while still young, will learn forms, self defense and kicking techniques with an emphasis on respect, discipline, and focus. Self confidence is taught in order for them to face any challenge in or outside the dojang. Students enjoy being challenged in a fun way and learn to set and reach high goals. 

(Ages 11-14)

This group is challenges further to push themselves and to gain self confidence in order to battle pier pressure, bullies, and the changing dynamic of middle and high school. Students learn strong moral code and are accustomed to hard training in order to overcome obstacles. 

(Ages 15+)

Students at the high school age and up who have always wanted to learn martial arts come to get in shape through traditional taekwondo. This class will challenge you mentally and physically in a group class setting creating team bonds and a great support system. 

(All Ages and Levels)

Continue to train and grow your taekwondo skills from the comfort of your own home. Our online classes are designed just like our in person classes with slight modifications to provide you the best virtual training possible. 

(All Ages and Levels)

One on one lessons provide the chance to focus on detail and bring your taekwondo training to the next level. With a more customized lesson plan you will see noticeable improvement and become more competition ready. For those who still prefer to stay away from the indoors or groups of people, private lessons are also a great option for you. We offer these lessons outdoors at your home, at our school and even online via zoom. 

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